PERCALINE is an interior design studio in Brussels, founded by Marie-Christine Dawance in 1984. Passionate about interiors, textiles and antiques, Julien Devergnies took over the studio in 2016, with the help and advice of Mrs. Dawance.

Julien grew up in Belgium and from an early age, was interested in architecture, furniture, gardens and the history of each. Julien studied fashion and worked as a freelance stylist for more than a decade before starting interior design.

PERCALINE has been active in Belgium and abroad, with projects in Brussels, Geneva and Paris. Julien lives in Brussels in an Art Nouveau house with his partner and their dog, Jo.


Visit our showroom for fabrics and wallpapers, vintage furniture, antiques, accessories and things you don’t already have and always wanted :

Rue Africaine 98,  Saint-Gilles, Brussels 1060


+32 2 537 68 70      

Opening hours are 11.00 to 6.30 Tuesday to Saturday, but other times may be arranged by appointment.